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 The Kadokawa Culture Promotion Foundation was established on February 25, 1976, based on the wishes of the Japanese scholar and
poet Genyoshi Kadokawa, the founder of Kadokawa Shoten. In the 40 years since its establishment, the foundation has been presenting awards,
providing subsidies and engaging in educational activities related to literature, art and film. On August 1, 2020, we opened the Kadokawa
Musashino Museum, a cultural facility featuring a library, art gallery and museum in Tokorozawa. It was built with the aim of contributing to
the promotion of culture and art and the development of a vibrant and unique community. From its base in the region of Musashino and
Tokorozawa, the foundation will continue to work in the hope of continuing to contribute to Japanese culture, through projects that meet the
needs of the new era.


Photo by Kentaro Shibuya

  • Awarding Prizes

    Awarding Prizes

    Forwarding the wishes of the founder of Kadokawa Shoten, Genyoshi Kadokawa, we
    celebrate important works of haiku and tanka poetry, and outstanding achievements of
    academic research in the fields of Japanese literature, history and culture.

  • Publishing Business

    Publishing Business

    The foundation edits and produces the monthly magazines "Haiku" and "Tanka" as well as publications of great cultural significance and specialized knowledge, such as research and academic books, and collections of haiku and tanka.

  • Cultural Facilities

    Cultural Facilities

    In addition to operating a library, a museum complex, and the MusashinoReiwa Shrine,
    where prayer services and rituals are held, the foundation manages and operates the
    nearby Musashino Jurin Park.

  • Other Activities

    Other Activities

    The foundation also implements other plans and projects in order to promote cultural
    arts that meet the needs of the new era.


  • Name
    KADOKAWA Culture Promotion Foundation
  • Date of Establishment
    February 25, 1976
  • Chairman
    Nobuo Kawakami
  • Address
    3-31-3 Higashitokorozawa, Wada, Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Operation
    It is conducted by directors, auditors, councilors, and staff


KADOKAWA Culture Promotion Foundation
3-31-3 Higashitokorozawa, Wada, Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture
Tokorozawa Sakura Town, KADOKAWA Musashino Museum

[JR: Musashino Line]
10-minute walk from Higashi-Tokorozawa Station
  • 角川武蔵野ミュージアム
  • 武蔵野坐令和神社
  • ところざわサクラタウン
  • 武蔵野樹林パーク